Introducing the Enterprise Plan

Introducing the Enterprise Plan

You’re busy, we get it. You don’t have time to worry about the functionality of your cloud resources. Are your SSL certificates about to expire? Are your customers experiencing website delays? These are the questions that can make or break a business, but often fall by the wayside. Enter Awakish: a new approach to cloud monitoring. Managing a large company doesn’t have to be a large hassle. With the Enterprise Plan, you can focus on the big picture and relax knowing that your cloud services are awake (rather than simply awakish) and running smoothly.

The Enterprise Plan from Awakish is perfect for businesses with multiple cloud resources such as websites, servers and ecommerce solutions to monitor. You’re busy and need to get back to work, so we will lay this out quickly and easily:

  1. The Enterprise Plan enables you to monitor internally facing servers without the time waste of installing monitoring agents. That’s right, installation is as simple as that.
  2. Speaking of simple- did you know Awakish gives you all critical reports in a single, user-friendly dashboard? It’s true.
  3. When we say “critical reports”, these critical reports are generated based off 24/7 monitoring- with the Enterprise Plan, Awakish never sleeps and will check up on your cloud resources every. Single. Minute. Your customers encountering issues before you do? A thing of the past.
  4. The Enterprise Plan allows you to monitor an UNLIMITED amount of resources. Think of the possibilities…
  5. Within the unlimited resources you will be monitoring, you will receive reports of upcoming SSL expiration dates, as well as reports of slow uptime.
  6. In addition to publicly accessible websites, the Enterprise Plan allows you to monitor private networks in datacenters/Azure/AWS/Google/etc.
  7. The Enterprise Plan is designed to streamline your business and serve your company however would be most helpful- which is why when you select the Enterprise Plan, your price and experience are tailored to your needs.

Take back some of your valuable time- put the task of cloud monitoring in the capable hands of Awakish. We can’t wait to partner with you.


Website: www.awakish.com

Twitter: @AwakishCorp

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