Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Awakish

Why should I chose Awakish?

Answer Because we’re a user-friendly service that will help you keep track of uptime and availability on all your servers and websites – both your own assets and the ones that your business depends on but that are hosted by others. With Awakish you can easily monitor also servers and websites that are internal and not visible over the internet to the public - such as complex ERP or LOB systems. The ability to easily monitor also internal servers and websites, without installing any agent software, puts Awakish in a unique position. It doesn't matter if your servers resides in your own datacenter, at a hoster or Azure, AWS, Google or any other cloud provider - with Awakish you can monitor everything with ease.

What’s the next steps for Awakish?

Answer We’re right now offering a solid service but we are always looking for feedback so that we can improve the service with more functionality. Our mindset is to be customer driven and always improve!

I’m working in the tech industry, is Awakish also for us?

Answer Yes indeed! We love partners! Awakish is a great way for you to monitor all the assets that are under your wings and to get a consolidated view of what is happening. You can easily add the customer’s point of contact in the service so that you both get alerts at the same time and they can rest assure that you and your team are handling the incident. We’re especially proud of how easy you can keep track of SSL certificates so that you can renew them well in time before they expire. Another gem is the ability to monitor servers and websites that are internal facing and not visible over the internet. With Awakish you can monitor everything so there's a great play here for partners - please contact us to discuss our partnering program!

I have several business-critical servers that together makes up our e-commerce solution and wonder if I can see them all together?

Answer Yes, you can easily pool them together in a group and assign the group a name that is logical to you.

Can I monitor all kinds of servers and websites?

Answer Yes, you can monitor any type of server and website regardless of operating system or web server. And you can monitor also internal servers and websites that are not visible to the public over the internet.

Can I exclude downtime caused by planned maintenance in the reporting?

Answer Yes, you can! In the console, you can easily take servers and websites out of monitoring when you do maintenance.

Why are SSL certificates important to have?

Answer They make sure that the communication between the server and the web browser is encrypted which provides a much more secure experience. The SSL certificate also validates that the site owner is who he claims to be. This was a ‘nice-to-have’ in the past, but now it is really a must, and Google will demote you in rankings if you don’t have it.

Where can I send my feedback?

Answer Thank you! We welcome any type of feedback so that we can improve our service. Please send it to info@awakish.com.