Awakish is the perfect fit for monitoring Azure Edge Zones

Awakish is the perfect fit for monitoring Azure Edge Zones

Azure Edge Zones is a new family of offerings from Microsoft Azure that enables data processing close to the user. You can deploy VMs, containers, and other select Azure services into Edge Zones to address the low latency and high throughput requirements of applications.

Typical use case scenarios for Edge Zones include: Real-time command and control in robotics; Real-time analytics and inferencing with AI and Machine Learning; Machine Vision; Remote rendering for mixed reality and VDI scenarios; Immersive multi-player gaming; Media streaming and content delivery; Surveillance and security.

Azure Edge Zones come in three distinct offerings: Azure Edge Zones; Azure Edge Zones with Carrier (like AT&T with interesting 5G scenarios) and Azure Private Edge Zones at end-customers or managed services providers (MSPs).

This means that we will see Azure Edge Zones outside Microsoft Azure datacenters and here is where Awakish monitoring services comes in. With Awakish you will be able to monitor also the VMs and websites that are provided through Azure Edge Zones and this will give you a consolidated view also of these assets.

Just reach out to us if you want to try it out (info@awakish.com)! Awakish and Azure Edge Zones is really the perfect fit!

Regards, Per

More info about Azure Edge Zones on: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/networking/edge-zones-overview