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When we sat down a few years ago and started planning for Awakish we didn't have a name. Our focus was on developing a great

What is an automated Continuous Integration and Development (CI/CD) pipeline and how can Awakish help? A CI/CD pipeline is a great way automate

We love GitHub and so does the rest of the world! Our new Badges can be used in GitHub. Let's say that you got a

We've now implemented unlimited text messaging in all our pricing tiers. Access to your monitoring system lets you immediately assess the severity of an incident

After discussing with several technically oriented customers, we've come up with a great functionality for DevOps and other people that are technically responsible for code

In order to make it easier for our customers with a large number of resources to monitor, we have now added complimentary full service onboarding.

We’ve been thinking for quite a while how we could improve transparency in uptime reporting. Almost always, there is a formal or informal Service

Inviting all Microsoft partners in the hosting space to join a roundtable session at Inspire 2020 (with two repeats) where the topic is how traditional